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Board of Directors


Igutech was founded by Tilman and Harald Guenther in 2009 to participate with a team of eight 5th grade students at the FIRST Lego League challenge 'Smart Moves'. The name "Igutech" (say: Ee-gou-tek) was selected by the team for their love of Iguanas and Technology...

In February 2012, the team incorporated and registered as non-profit organization Igutech, Inc. in the State of Pennsylvania to expand their services. Since then, Igutech was able to triple its membership and offer youth robotics programs in three locations throuout the Lehigh Valley, PA pursuing its mission is to inspire young people’s interest in a science and engineering career by engaging them in mentor-based programs that build science and technology skills. Igutech feels very fortunate to have forged a strong partnership with the DaVinci Science Center in Allentown, PA.


Board of Directors

WebSizeDSC 3904 Dr. Harald Guenther President Founder of Igutech
Coach and Mentor for Igutech Technical Programs

VP Photonic Products Innovative Photonic Solutions

Fieldtrip Aesculap 100528 18b Christian Gabriel Secretary Vice President of Orthopaedic Marketing at Aesculap Implant Systems
GU3 6211a Michael Raneri Treasurer

Coach and Mentor

Director of Product and Test Engineering, Anadigics

ZEHNER Headshot 2 Dennis Zehner Marketing Director   

Director of Marketing and Communications

Da Vinci Science Center, Allentown, PA




Igutech Fieldtrip to Atmos Inc.

Wegmans-logo [JS 10-09-11]  Last WeWegmans_111005-09dnesday, we had a very interesting fieldtrip to the Wegmans grocery store in Allentown. Mr. Daniel Len, Food and Human Safety Coordinator, gave us a tour through different departments of his store and explained us all about food safety. We learned about how they keep their food fresh, where the food comes from and how to keep potential bacteria from going from food to food, preventing cross contamination. One way is to keep ready-to-eat food separate from food that needs to be cooked before eating. Dan uses a laser thermometer to test food containers, food surfaces, and even the bathroom water temperature. The laser checks the temperature to make sure all of the food has the right amount of refrigeration or heating (for the food bar). That was just one of the many ways Dan can help out his company. He is responsible for teaching and training all the employees of the store from truck drivers to managers. He also discussed the importance of personal hygiene like proper hand washing. Thanks again to Dan at Wegmans for sharing his knowledge and for staying late on a workday to answer the many questions our team had regarding food safety at a grocery store.