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Food Bots

On June 4, the FIRST Lego League Team 'Igutech' exhibited at the Da Vinci Science center in Allentown, PA. The team (seven 6th graders) set up seven different stations to share their experience with Lego robotics, programming and the FIRST Lego League.

At one of the stations, visitors were given three minutes to build a Lego robot model combatting 'food contamination'. Here are some of the creative results.

Looking forward to your comments or to receiving additional designs.


Robot's name: B203125

Purpose: Squishes the germs out of fruit and then runs over the germs

Designer: Sam R. (12)


Robot's name: Bob the Food Bot

Purpose: Used to suck in food, spin it on orange plate, suck in germs and bacteria and spit it out of a tube

Designer: Seth R. (12)


Robot's name: Sparky

Purpose: Baking

Designer: Zachary (7)

food-bot_contact (6)

Robot's name: Contact

Purpose: Contacts space

Designer: Michael (10)


Robot's name: Rain Robot

Purpose: to protect me from rain

Designer: Alex (6 3/4)


Robot's name: Kicking Machine

Purpose: kicking garbage out of the way

Designer: Kevin (11)


Robot's name:

Purpose: unknown



Robot's name:

Purpose: unknown



Robot's name:

Purpose: unknown



Robot's name





Igutech Fieldtrip to Atmos Inc.

Atmos_Logo[JK 5-1-10] On May 1st, Team Igutech took an exciting field trip to Atmos's building. The day started with the president of Atmos giving us a presentation about the company, what they do, aTeamMeeting_100501_04nd what they wanted to know about igutech. Then Igutech members Stewart and Sydney gave their presentation on the team, and the robot. Second, Igutech team member Jackie acted as a patient. The president of Atmos {Marco Schlegel} gave Jackie a checkup as if she was a real ENT {ears, nose, and throat} patient.Third, the most exciting thing happened: We got to see Tilman's, Ferdinand's , and Mr. Schlegel's vocal cords. For some, it was absolutely disgusting. For some others it was the coolest thing they have ever seen!!!! Then, we got to get a demonstration on what would happen when you used Atmos's vacuum product. First, they put gauze in a fake wound. Then they put the vacuum hose right inside the two pieces of gauze. Before we knew it the gauze got sucked down to the wound. Lastly, Igutech got treated to cookies, Soft Pretzels, grapes, and a variety of drinks. It was a spectacular field trip.