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Welcome to the Homepage of Team IguTech Team Meeting Blog

Use this section of our website to tell us about Igutech field trips, team meetings, and just about anything you'd like to share. Feel free to criticize, to praise, to leave suggestions, jokes.... Check back often....


Legoland 02a[May 2012] Team Igutech with U.S. Surfing Champion Stephen Moore in Carlsbad, CA. Check out Surfin Fire Surf School for details.


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Thank you for all you help voting for our team's invention in the FLL Global Innovation Award. With more than 20,000 votes, we placed in top 10% of all entries and we are very grateful for your support.

This year our team is once again competing in the Global Innovation Award Competition! Please support our competition by voting for us. Thanks!

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Flood stats website

My brother found a really useful website about flood stats. Here is a link: 


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Igutech Fieldtrip to Atmos Inc.

Atmos_Logo[JK 5-1-10] On May 1st, Team Igutech took an exciting field trip to Atmos's building. The day started with the president of Atmos giving us a presentation about the company, what they do, aTeamMeeting_100501_04nd what they wanted to know about igutech. Then Igutech members Stewart and Sydney gave their presentation on the team, and the robot. Second, Igutech team member Jackie acted as a patient. The president of Atmos {Marco Schlegel} gave Jackie a checkup as if she was a real ENT {ears, nose, and throat} patient.Third, the most exciting thing happened: We got to see Tilman's, Ferdinand's , and Mr. Schlegel's vocal cords. For some, it was absolutely disgusting. For some others it was the coolest thing they have ever seen!!!! Then, we got to get a demonstration on what would happen when you used Atmos's vacuum product. First, they put gauze in a fake wound. Then they put the vacuum hose right inside the two pieces of gauze. Before we knew it the gauze got sucked down to the wound. Lastly, Igutech got treated to cookies, Soft Pretzels, grapes, and a variety of drinks. It was a spectacular field trip.