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Welcome to the Homepage of Team IguTech Team Meeting Blog

Use this section of our website to tell us about Igutech field trips, team meetings, and just about anything you'd like to share. Feel free to criticize, to praise, to leave suggestions, jokes.... Check back often....


My name is Sydney and I am 10 years old.  I like to draw, design and build.  That is why I enjoy being a part of this team.  I also like to swim, hike, read, paint and play with my friends and pets.

Justin about himself

My name is Justin and I am 10 years old and going into 5th grade. My ywo favorite sports are soccer and basketball.  I am on a travel soccer team with ferdi. I am in a gifted class with Tilman and Jackie. I am going to join my church's choir in september. I just started to collect yo-yos and I am working on tricks. I ride a ripstick and a bike. i have two pets....a 14 year old cat named punkin, and a 1 year old yorkie named kaylyn. I have a 16 year old brother named Jake who is my best friend. I like to explore the web and I like Fred on youtube. I like to play mini golf with my family and watch movies.....and play games

Hi here's Tilman

I am so exited about the team. I really like inventing and creating, I take apart stuff like calculators and find out how thery work.I also build stuff for my house like the bellringer that rings a bell in the basment so you know when the food is ready. Every Monday,Wednesday ,and Saturday I go to karate,I'm a brown belt. I can speak German fluently and go to Germany every year.Costa Rica is also one of my favorite destinsations. I also really love reading and computer programing(not just NXT). I an 10years old and my birthday is on the 11-11th. My little brother is called adrian and is 5 years old, he also loves legos. I am a pianist and chelloist.

The latest team meeting by jackie

the latest team meeting was incredible we started the website that your reading, we started doing more stuff on the robot and had pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to all my other team members thank you

what we should practice as a team

like mr. guenther said we should practice the core values, i don't know if you know this but it counts for 25% of our WHOLE GRADE! that's huge. also get our parents do think to

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Igutech Fieldtrip to Atmos Inc.

Wegmans-logo [JS 10-09-11]  Last WeWegmans_111005-09dnesday, we had a very interesting fieldtrip to the Wegmans grocery store in Allentown. Mr. Daniel Len, Food and Human Safety Coordinator, gave us a tour through different departments of his store and explained us all about food safety. We learned about how they keep their food fresh, where the food comes from and how to keep potential bacteria from going from food to food, preventing cross contamination. One way is to keep ready-to-eat food separate from food that needs to be cooked before eating. Dan uses a laser thermometer to test food containers, food surfaces, and even the bathroom water temperature. The laser checks the temperature to make sure all of the food has the right amount of refrigeration or heating (for the food bar). That was just one of the many ways Dan can help out his company. He is responsible for teaching and training all the employees of the store from truck drivers to managers. He also discussed the importance of personal hygiene like proper hand washing. Thanks again to Dan at Wegmans for sharing his knowledge and for staying late on a workday to answer the many questions our team had regarding food safety at a grocery store.