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Help Send Igutech to Worlds

Going to the world championship in St. Louis is expensive! There are many expenses such as van rental fees, hotel costs, and registration fees. If you'd like help send team 6964 IGUTECH to the FTC World Championship in St. Louis, click the button above!


The NEW 2011 schedule.....Thanks to all parents for providing delicious dinners to feed the hungry team ...

when who  
July 30 BBQ - Hot Dogs + buns Kevin  
July 30 BBQ - Burgers + buns    
July 30 BBQ: veggie plate    
July 30 BBQ: fruit plate  Ferdi  
July 30 BBQ: misc snacks  
July 30 BBQ: salad / side dish Jon
July 30 BBQ: salad / side dish  
July 30 BBQ: juice / soda



Thank You



Without people like you, we could not have run our program!

We will be in touch shortly and send you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Team Igutech

Tips for a succsessful robot

Tips for a succsessful robot
(mostly for new FLL teams):

  • Use MyBlocks to save memory. The NXT dosen't have that much memory and it runs out very quickly. We also found that MyBlocks help a lot to organize the programs. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to tweak the robot missions if the code gets too long.
  • Make sure that robot is robust. Lots of "L"-shaped technic beams and many, many pegs always helped us to stiffen the robot chassis.
  • Use lots of (light + rotation) sensors to navigate on the field. It is tempting not to and it might speed up programming in the short run but in the end we always went back to adding more sensors for more consistent navigation
  • Test robot in different conditions (exp: tilt table, slightly move mat, change lighting conditions,...)
  • Make your own light sensor calibration program. If you don't calibrate the light sensors, the difference between black and white on the playing field can become very small and inconsistent.
  • Make sure your robot starts accurately and consistently.
  • Make your attachments so they can only be attached one way. When under pressure during a tournament it is more difficult then it seems to get the attachment on correctly...
  • Practice your routine lots of times. It takes a suprising amount of time to change the attachments, load and unload mission pieces and select the next program between robot missions.
  • Although we often tried, we found no good use for the ultrasonic sensor in any of the robot missions. It just wasn't consistent enough and easily fooled by, for example, small ojects and angled surfaces. We are curious to hear about your experience. Drop us a note at info at igutech.org
  • Do (gentle) robot drop tests from a few inches to test robustness!



Tips for a succsessful project:

  • We always liked the "skit" format with every team member participating. We found powerpoint presentations often don't look that good in the cramped judging rooms and we always made up poster boards insteads.
  • Practice lots to get the timing right. You don't wnat be be cut off by the judges before you can present your innovative solution...
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • You might not want a "Script",you could just talk freely with bullets on a notecard. Talking freely is more liked by judges!
  • We always used posters that were held by one of the team members to assist our speakers
  • Make the judges know who is what role (i.e: Bob is the Scientist)
  • Think about good anwers to questions like "how did you come up with the project idea?"
  • Have fun!

You can also watch our presentation from past seasons on You tube!


Display your business logo here and support our team.

We are a highly creative team of eight 5th to 7th graders based in the Lehigh Valley (Eastern Pennsylvania). We are registered with the FIRST Lego League (FLL) as Team #6 to compete with more than 15,000 other teams world-wide in an annual robotics competition. FIRST was founded in 1989 to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology. Based in Manchester, NH, the 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit public charity designs accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills.

For the past three years, the Igutech members have learned how to work efficiently as a team (this won us the 1st place Teamwork Award in 2009 and 1st place Judges Award in 2010) and how to apply engineering principles to design a high-performing and autonomous robot. We have learned how to conduct research in complex areas like public transportation and bio-medical engineering. Without support from our sponsors we would not have been able to purchase all the reserach materials, supplies and robotic sets needed to run a successful team. Financial support for our team will be used to pay for educational materials (e.g. Lego robotics sets, reserach materials, office supplies, field trips, registratiion fees, etc.) and for travel to tournaments. Contributions of any amount are highly appreciated and will help us continue with our science & engineering endeavours. To learn more about us, please browse our website or download our flyer here (PDF file, 2.5 MB).

Support to the science and engineering education of our team and click the "Donate" button below:

We are registered as non-profit organization in the State of Pennsylvania. Federal tax-excempt status 501(c)3 pending.

Every sponsor will be recognized on our website with logo and internet link. In addition, we will send every sponsor who contributes $100 or more a personalized token of appreciation for display in their business or home.

Thank you for your generous support!

logo_300_trans the igutechs



For more information: www.lehighhanson.com/






Profi-Vision - Allentown, PA and Berlin, Germany
A global leader in providing engineering solutions for industrial automation and software.
For more information: www. profi-vision.com

Hotyarns - Lehigh Valley, PA
Premier supplier of highest quality European knitting yarn.
For more information:

Italiano Delite - Emmaus/Macungie, PA
A Lehigh Valley restaurant with delicious Italian food in a nice ambience at an affordable price.

For more information: http://italianodelightonline.com



Aesculap Implant System creates innovative high-quality spine implant and orthopaedic products. Team Igutech is very grateful for their generous support.

IPS-building_091015 IPS-logo_091014
Innovative Photonic Solutions (IPS) manufactures high-performance laser light sources for medical, scientific and homeland security applications.
IPS is based near Princeton, NJ. For more information: www.innovativephotonics.com

Helmut and Else - Grandparents of an Igutech Team Member, Frankenthal, Germany
Thank you for your very generous contributions over the past two years.

ER.Bauen_01 ER.Bauer_Lendorf ER.Bauer_Lendorf-Wappen
ER.BAUEN provides premier civil engineering services for residential and commercial projects. The firm is located in Lendorf, Carinthia (Kärnten) in the very south of Austria. For more information, please contact Mrs. Elke Resch (president) at www.erbauen.at.

hotyarnsHotyarns - Lehigh Valley, PA
Premier supplier of highest quality European knitting yarn.
For more information: www.hotyarns.com



Roehl Roehl Transport Inc. - Marshfield, WI
Provider of truckload transportation and logistical services.
For more information: www.roehl.net
Paychex_logo Paychex - Rochester, NY
Leading service provider in the payroll and human resource industry.
For more information: www.paychex.com
CHRobinson_logo C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. - Eden Prairie, MN
Leading third party (3PL) logistics provider.
For more information: www.chrobinson.com

DaVinci Science Center in Allentown, PA

THE cool place in the Lehigh Valley where science comes to life.

weis-markets-logo Weis Market in Schnecksville, PA




Many, many thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their great support of our team. They have helped us tremendeously with very valuable advice for our FLL research challenge.

  • Ms. Aneita Sutton, Director at Nutrition Inc. (Food Services in East Penn School District), - Thank you for a great backstage tour through the kitchen of EHS, for your wonderful patience answering at least 101 questions the team had regarding safe food handling in a high school cafeteria and for your feedback about our "CleanBox" invention.
  • Mr. Daniel Len, Food and Human Safety Coordinator, Wegmans #79 (Thank you for a great inside tour through your store and interesting discussions about food safety at a supermarket)
  • Mr. Dennis Zehner, Marketing, Davinci Science Center Allentown (Thank you for numerous opportunities for our team to get involved at the DaVince Center. We really loved that you invited us to do a ceremonial ribbon cutting with our Lego robot)

2010 Biomedical Engineering

  • Dr. Lorraine Spikol,Associate Chief, Lehigh Neurology (Thank you for a great discussion on neurology, MS and for your many interesting ideas about our research project)
  • Mrs Laura Kowalski, Science Department, Parkland High School (Thank you for an informative and very inspiring class on the human nervous system)
  • Mr. Christian Gabriel, Orthopedics, Aesculap (Most amazing hands-on demonstration of hip and knee implants)
  • Mr. John Love, R&D, Aesculap (Most interesting tour through spine implant R&D facility)
  • Mr. Marco Schlegel, Atmos, Allentown, PA (Hands-on demonstration of innovative ENT medical devices)
  • Mr. Michael Selk, B. Braun, Allentown, PA (Fascinating tour through medical device manufacturing and introduction into the world of safe drug delivery)
2009 Transportation - How to improve bicycle transportation in our community
  • Lehigh Engineering Associates, Walnutport, PA
  • Mr. Ron Stahley, Chaiman of the Board of Supervisors, North Whitehall Township, PA
  • Action Rental, Allentown, PA (demonstration of various construction machines to give us inspiration for a lego robot)
  • Mr. Stephen Pohowsky, Safety Program Specialist and Bicylce/Pedestrian Coordinator at the Pennsylvania Department of Tranportation
  • Mr. Joseph Rauscher, P.E. , District Traffic Studies/Safety Engineer at the PA Department of Transportation
  • Mr. William Bowen, Principal of Schnecksville Elementary School in the Parkland School District

IguCamp_01 (32).JPG

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B.Braun Visit

[HG 4-21-10] On April 16logo_BBraun, 2010 we visited B.Braun Medical in Allentown, PA to learn about medical device manufacturing. TeamMeeting_100416-03aWe started out with a video about the company history, while we were treated to snacks and sodas. Then, engineers from R&D, Design and Production explained B.Braun's products. They introduces us to he fascinating world of infusion systems and drug delivery. Highlights were hands-on demonstrations of needle free IV valves (with fake blood!) and the illustration of 3D computer-aided design process.  Then, everyone had their turn to play with an industrial robot in one of B. Braun's R&D Labs. Their robot was clearly bigger and much 'fancier' then our LEGO robots, but the engineers explained that it used pretty much the same building blocks: motors with rotation sensors, various otther ensors, step-by-step programs, .... Another highlight was the window tour through production were we could see hundreds of large industrial robots making millions of little plastic pieces each day. Thanks so much again to our host Mr. Selk and his team of experts who stayed late on a Friday to give us a first-class tour and patiently answered our lots and lots of questions. We were very impressed and we would certainly like to come back one day.